Earth Groans is a heavy metal group based in South Dakota. Its founding member, Jeremy Schaeffer, had always been passionate about the hardcore music scene and in 2015 set out to find musicians with the same fervor. Zachariah Mayfield, Kaden Burton, and Brady Mueller became members and the newly established band quickly began recording a debut record. The result was Renovate, a rich and heavy introduction into the metal world that earned them a spot on Solid State Records’ roster.

Their sophomore release, Rahab, moves just as feverishly. Rich in metaphor like the first, Rahab juxtaposes worldly fantasies with biblical realities by showcasing the fruitlessness of fear and the power of faith. Earth Groans continues to evolve and tighten as an uncompromising metal band bent on creating music that points to Christ.


Vocals- Jeremy Schaeffer

Guitar- Zachariah Mayfield

Bass- Kaden Burton

Drums- Brady Mueller