I’ve stared these walls down for hours I’ve watched cracks in the plaster as they crawl the wall Encouraged by the stirring, in foundations, brought by the changes of the elements

I hung the paintings oh so strategically Trying to mask the imperfections from the naked eye Like makeup to mask the signature of time I beg my conscious not to speak of what it has seen or what it knows

Erase the past behind these walls, erase the past But the rafters weep at the rain Floorboards bend like a crooked spine, muttering gossips at each step they die to tell A stench of mold permeates out from its hiding place now

Walls insulated with spite, abuse, addictions Problems I’m too afraid to face alone Bodies I’ve locked in with bitterness, the ones that hurt, the ones that said that I couldn’t be what I want to be Doors open I can never close Everything is swayed I’ll keep a fresh coat on the outer skin A set of wax plants on the front porch

Those who pass by this old estate, well they will never know Well isn’t that the name of this old game A fraud, mislead by false by appearance

Loved ones, drifters wait outside Forgotten are the times I welcomed people in through these doors How much longer will the monotonous words hold their ground Everything is just fine

But now my world is shaking And out of the cracks the snakes creep out, exposing my rot I’m not as strong as I make you believe As a matter of fact, beneath the skin I am crumbling

Like the incision to separate the infection from tissue Oh carpenter, renovate the old so what’s old can become new<


We search for peace to flood the streets Flicker of light to drive out the night Abundance of love to dissolve disgust But I’m still searching for what that looks like for us

Love, it will not cease Even when breath no longer passes through our teeth Love, like the clouds over our heads Showering droughts and nurturing what’s left for dead

Yet the only light that I can see The burning eyes from this monster marching the streets Picket signs for scales, discourse for teeth

We are fighting fire with fire And leaving devastation in our wake Overcoming darkness with twilight And the night tides immerse us in their waves We are waging wrath against hatred And we battle each war after war

Our nation drowning in it’s own tears A body with a virus but we ignore the cure How is it that we are too ignorant to know That this hate that we cling to, it will get us nowhere And still we rise against our very own brother

Lighting candles, we’re burning bridges Breaking bread, we’re breaking skin Take this cup, we’re spilling blood This one body has separated

Gluttony, debauchery, outside these walls torsos empty Hypocrites, rash judgments Are we the salt, are we sulfur Where is the compassion, from pulpits that we preach We cannot abide by these patterns anymore

So retract your claws, let’s put anguish to rest Because I swear we’re called for something more Oh generation, no house can stand divided It’s time that we take on a new lead of love

We are the letters not written by pen or ink But transcribed by the spirit of the I Am

We search for peace to flood the streets Flicker of light to drive out the night Abundance of love to dissolve disgust And all of this has been written on our hearts since day one Live by the love that is written on your hearts


The artist oh the artist, behold perfection in his masterpiece. He opens up his mind and spreads it across canvas, an expression of who he is.

He opens up his heart and spreads it across canvas. This perfect creation, it is a part of him.

Corner to corner and detail to detail, from out of nothing, sewing together the creativity.

Each and every work he treasures, and weighs them all equally. This is the workmanship of his fingertips, and resonates his legacy. The critics will heave their detest, but he will not be dismayed.

The artist is confident in what his work is worth. His assessment will not be swayed by any mortal man. They build significance, all of their life's blueprints on top of faulty foundations. Their malice tongues are all wrapped in lies, like the way the fire encompasses the red embers.

So who is the one to name the worth of this art, can it be the breeze as it whispers by. Is it man or beast, does the art have words to speak. Nothing comes for free, what is the price to be paid, what's the worth, who’s to say its worth.

The value it cannot be earned, but the creator alone is the only one to determine what his craft is worth.

"What if I told you that you are a reflection of a king, I breathed forth galaxies but I swear that you still mean so much more to me. I purchased you with sacrifice, you are my art, you are my prized, so I purchased you with my life. I paid the highest price, but you were worth it.


Power up all circuits go The flickering of lights It’s so captivating now And my mind’s sucked in

A box in the corner of the room I reside my mind behind the glass The matters of my life will have to wait Entrapped, I sink into my own escape

My exit from this reality A better life, easier at least Examining, hoping for guidance in our life It feeds us lies, but I guess we don’t mind

So welcome to the prison of our intellect Only serving propaganda at feeding time and we eat it like it’s meat And now wash it down with some marketing

Biasing their opinions to the masses All in all to get their numbers up Training the dogs to attack and crucify The ones they want to mark for dead

Taking our self worth for hostage If you’re not “this” then you’re nothing they advertise Planting the obscene in young eyes Spreading roots, infiltrates their growing minds

And it feeds and feeds and it still needs Filling up the greedy pockets Behind the screen

We the people have turned into drones Reacting to the cues, blind We cannot be just pawns at fingertips Take back your mind

Pocket full of poems and endless chivalry She can’t wait for her prince charming to come and sweep her from her feet He wants his goddess with ageless skin and burning passion

We yield false expectations from Hollywood seeds Yet we turn back to the screens

Reigns We have to take back the reigns We won’t become the cultural mechanisms That will turn their gears of greed And fashion our innocence for gain

It’s time we unplug Don’t let them displace your convictions Anymore

Now is the time to sever the ties This is where we take back our minds


Death claimed this day for its own The life I had planned is now gone The world around me fell Even the air around me has become my own fiend

I fought, altercations I’ve spat Till my body had grown weak

Cursed were the things my hands built Barren was the ground I planted my seed Everything meant nothing, and in nothingness I found my new home Loneliness and seclusion are my only company now They are the only ones that will walk this path with me

My tears, all I have for food Woe and sorrow is my only song now Has my faith slipped through the floor What’s left of my life, shambles in a dry well

Oh God when did my own strides take precedent over your sovereignty When did my sights flip the scales When did I become more and you became less This mess I made is a product of self-reliance

As I try to stand on these trembling legs I lean on you You are the only constant in this wavering world

You are the only hope that I have in my darkest of days You are my strength, my peace, when I have none You are the satisfaction, for my emptiness, for this emptiness

Take away everything, revive this contrite heart When the wind blows dig your roots deep

Dig your roots deep The light breeze that once entertained these leaves Are now vices gusting me into a heap

Now I know I created an eclipse All these days I’ve been so blind

Now I know I cannot live with out the Son My own desires blocking out the light

Now I know The life I had planned is now gone Nothing compares your presence is worth more

Now I know Strip it away, nothing compares I’d lose it all to gain everything