Who can open the doors of his mighty face?
Around his teeth there is terror
His back is made of shields
Shut up so tightly and sealed
One is so near to the next
No air can come between

His sneezings flash forth light
And his eyes are like the eyelids of the dawn
His bones are tubes of bronze
His limbs like bars of iron
Out of his mouth go torches
Sparks of fire leap forth

There’s none that’s like him

Out of his nostrils pour forth smoke
As from a boiling pot and burning rushes

His breath kindles coals, and pours forth smoke
A flame comes from his mouth
In his neck he abides strength

There’s none that’s like him

On earth there is nothing like him
A creature that is without fear
And terror dances before him
His heart is hard as the lower millstone

When he raises himself up, the mighty are afraid
Behold Behemoth
At the thrashing of his tail they are beside themselves
Behold Behemoth

He laughs at the rattle of javelins
Though the sword reaches him, it does not avail
He counts iron as straw, and bronze as rotten wood
The arrow can’t make him flee his ground

On earth there is none like him
God alone poses threat

When he raises himself up, the mighty are afraid
Behold Behemoth
At the thrashing of his tail they are beside themselves
Behold Behemoth

“I declared a war, the day my side was pierced
I dragged him by snout down to hell
and on the third day, i pronounced the beast dead
I abolished his authority”

Behold the Victor
Behold Redeemer


Cracked streets mirror the faces of the lean
Repressed by a split society

The gutters overflow with poverty
A judgement is passed faster
Than the water and the bread

Ive endured all the seasons
I’ve been sunburned by the scoffs<
Frostbitten by the shame that they throw my way

Do they see a human?
An identity more than “Homeless and hungry
adolescent injury has left me without mobility”

The concrete jungle has digested too many

Beneath the layers you look a lot like me
Fingerprint of deity, breath of the Holy
Beneath the layers you look a lot like me
See me in despair, will you spare anything?

Behold my eyes are opened
I see the great divide
It’s hungry as the abyss
Their fortress scrapes the sky

Outside the peasants and poor are of multitude
Quickly forgotten by the ones
That are living in plenty

Beneath the layers you look a lot like me
Fingerprint of deity, breath of the Holy
Beneath the layers you look a lot like me
See me in despair, will you spare anything?
I don’t care about the amount in your pocket
But can we address the plank that occupies your eyesocket

Knuckles white, around your pocket book
Where have you built up your kingdom?

I’ve stored up in paradise
Where this weathered attire
Is worth more than your prized

Beneath the layers you look like me
Beneath the weeds, set 6 feet deep
You never shared a thing
Now we share everything

Heathen Heart

You see there is this concept
That has consumed my head
And it’s very same thought
That has been turning me over in my bed

Do you hear that unfamiliar rattle?
The sound of my knees as their growing weak
I’m not used to kissing the dirt

It crawled in between my ribs
And its chipping away at my concrete heart

My worlds spinning, I’ve lost my bearings
Give me a chance to find my footing

I’m struggling to wrap my mind around this single thing

How I’ve strained myself endlessly
I’ve made a fool of the grindstone
I’ve worked my fingers down to the bone
To earn something that was there all along

Rats are caught in traps and dogs kept on chains
Thieves are apprehended, murderers put in cages
Am i any better than these?
Am i not one in the same?

So what qualifies me to be a recipient?
What do i have to offer?
I’m undeserving, I’m unworthy
I’m undeserving, I’m unworthy
This is unjust

What conditional creatures we are
If your nature was something similar
What conditional creatures we are
If your nature was something similar
You would have burned this bridge
You would have cut the ties a long time ago


You see there is this concept
That has consumed my head
And it’s the very same thought
That has been turning me over in my bed
You chose to love me even though I was dead


Circling the bait
A door way down the hall
It’s up and to the left
It’s not a room for company
Not for friends, or for family
Marked with a warning

Six panels of faded mahogany
The only barrier separating me from mystery

Cursed is the curiosity
The oxidized bronze
Has developed a new shine for me
“Maybe just this one time”
“Surely i will not die”

Monarchs stir, sweat beading
Forbidden fruit has me salivating

The universe separated
As the seal was broken
It brought a ringing to my ears
And now my eyes have been opened

Oh what a discovery, what a brand new world to see
It totally encompassed me, an image of extraordinary
Colors speak in poetry
Sounds dance like calligraphy

This will be my sanctuary
When life builds up on me
This room is all that welcomes me
When I’m here, I swear I feel something

What if i’m wrong?
I’ll sing a cowards song
So what if i’m wrong
Just let me be

Oh how fast the world turns over
How fast the apple spoils
Substance turns to ash
And colors fade to black

The key is turned, and a free man becomes a prisoner

My conviction was a lock on the door and now its broken

Six panels of faded mahogany
The only barrier between you and me

The only way out is if i let you in

By Faith

There is nothing more dangerous
Than arriving at hopeless
My bed was made of it

There is nothing more frightening
Than a life without meaning
My bed was made of it
I got sick of lying in it

Listen, this is what was and will never be again
This is the lowest that ill let myself sink
From out of this pit I will ascend
I put hopeless to rest the first day I believed

I felt the ground shake
When i was peeled off the floor
The walls i’ve built have crumbled down

Seasons exchanged
The ground released its grip
Dormancy welcomed springs fair kiss
Frost retreat to its grave
Ovations from tree tops proclaimed
Streams from distance applaud
Colors restore to landscapes

Growing into new skin
Shedding the weight of old demons
By faith I’ll be greater

Blacken the skies, blind my eyes
The flame inside won’t be altered
Firm in purpose, resolution
The lions mouths will be musseled

Blacken the skies, blind my eyes
By faith I’ll persevere
By faith we persevere

The reaper is scheming
Death so foolishly dug a hole
But I am no lifeless cadaver
No, I am no corpse
I am but a seed ready for planting
Near is the season of my ripening

I’m eternal
By faith we’re eternal


I’ve stared these walls down for hours
I’ve watched cracks in the plaster
as they crawl the wall
Encouraged by the stirring,
in foundations
brought by the changes of the elements

I hung the paintings oh so strategically
Trying to mask the imperfections
from the naked eye
Like makeup to mask the signature of time
I beg my conscious not to speak
of what it has seen
or what it knows

Erase the past behind these walls,
erase the past
But the rafters weep at the rain
Floorboards bend like a crooked spine
muttering gossips at each step
they die to tell
A stench of mold permeates out
from its hiding place now

Walls insulated with spite, abuse, addictions
Problems I’m too afraid to face alone
Bodies I’ve locked in with bitterness
the ones that hurt, the ones that said that I couldn’t
be what I want to be
Doors open I can never close
Everything is swayed

I’ll keep a fresh coat on the outer skin
A set of wax plants on the front porch
Those who pass by this old estate,
well they will never know
Well isn’t that the name of this old game
A fraud, mislead by false by appearance

Loved ones, drifters wait outside
Forgotten are the times
I welcomed people in through these doors
How much longer will the monotonous words
hold their ground
Everything is just fine!

But now my world is shaking
And out of the cracks the snakes creep out,
exposing my rot
I’m not as strong as I make you believe
As a matter of fact,
beneath the skin I am crumbling
Like the incision to separate
the infection from tissue
Oh carpenter, renovate the old
so what’s old can become new


We search for peace to flood the streets
Flicker of light to drive out the night
Abundance of love to dissolve disgust
But I’m still searching for
what that looks like for us

Love, it will not cease
Even when breath
no longer passes through our teeth
Love, like the clouds over our heads
Showering droughts and nurturing
what’s left for dead

Yet the only light that I can see
The burning eyes from this monster
marching the streets
Picket signs for scales, discourse for teeth

We are fighting fire with fire
And leaving devastation in our wake
Overcoming darkness with twilight
And the night tides immerse us
in their waves
We are waging wrath against hatred
And we battle each war after war

Our nation drowning in it’s own tears
A body with a virus but we ignore the cure
How is it that we are too ignorant to know
That this hate that we cling to,
it will get us nowhere
And still we rise
against our very own brother

Lighting candles, we’re burning bridges
Breaking bread, we’re breaking skin
Take this cup, we’re spilling blood
This one body has separated

Gluttony, debauchery,
outside these walls torsos empty
Hypocrites, rash judgments
Are we the salt, are we sulfur
Where is the compassion,
from pulpits that we preach
We cannot abide by these patterns anymore

So retract your claws,
let’s put anguish to rest
Because I swear
we’re called for something more
Oh generation, no house can stand divided
It’s time that we take on a new lead of love

We are the letters not written by pen or ink
But transcribed by the spirit of the I Am

We search for peace to flood the streets
Flicker of light to drive out the night
Abundance of love to dissolve disgust
And all of this has been written
on our hearts since day one
Live by the love
that is written on your hearts


The Artist oh the Artist
Behold perfection in his masterpiece
He opens up his mind
and spreads it across canvas
An expression of who he is
He opens up his heart
and spreads it across canvas
This perfect creation
it is a part of him

Corner to corner and detail to detail
From out of nothing,
sewing together the creativity

Each and every work he treasures,
and weighs them all equally
This is the workmanship of his fingertips,
and resonates his legacy
The critics will heave their detest,
but he will not be dismayed

The artist is confident
in what his work is worth
His assessment will not be swayed
by any mortal man
They build significance,
all of their life's blueprints
on top of faulty foundations
Their malice tongues are all wrapped in lies
Like the way the fire encompasses
the red embers

So who is the one
to name the worth of this art
Can it be the breeze as it whispers by
Is it man or beast,
does the art have words to speak
Nothing comes for free,
what is the price to be paid
What's the worth?
Who’s to say its worth?

The value, it cannot be earned
But the creator alone
is the only one to determine
what his craft is worth

What if I told you
that you are a reflection of a king
I breathed forth galaxies,
but I swear that you still
mean so much more to me
I purchased you with sacrifice
You are my art, you are my prized
So I purchased you with my life
I paid the highest price,
but you were worth it


Power up all circuits go
The flickering of lights
It’s so captivating now
And my mind’s sucked in

A box in the corner of the room
I reside my mind behind the glass
The matters of my life will have to wait
Entrapped, I sink into my own escape

My exit from this reality
A better life, easier at least
Examining, hoping for guidance in our life
it feeds us lies, but I guess we don’t mind

So welcome to the prison of our intellect
Only serving propaganda at feeding time
And we eat it like it’s meat
And now wash it down with some marketing

Biasing their opinions to the masses
All in all to get their numbers up
Training the dogs to attack and crucify
The ones they want to mark for dead

Taking our self worth for hostage
If you’re not “this”
then you’re nothing they advertise
Planting the obscene in young eyes
Spreading roots,
infiltrates their growing minds

And it feeds and feeds and it still needs
Filling up the greedy pockets
Behind the screen

We the people have turned into drones
Reacting to the cues, blind
We cannot be just pawns at fingertips
Take back your mind!

Pocket full of poems and endless chivalry
She can’t wait for her prince charming
To come and sweep her from her feet
He wants his goddess
with ageless skin and burning passion

We yield false expectations
from Hollywood seeds
Yet we turn back to the screens


We have to take back the reigns
We won’t become the cultural mechanisms,
That will turn their gears of greed
And fashion our innocence for gain

It’s time we unplug
Don’t let them displace
your convictions anymore

Now is the time to sever the ties
This is where we take back our minds


Death claimed this day for its own
The life I had planned is now gone
The world around me fell
Even the air around me
has become my own fiend

I fought, altercations I’ve spat
Till my body had grown weak

Cursed were the things my hands built
Barren was he ground I planted my seed
Everything meant nothing,
and in nothingness I found my new home
Loneliness and seclusion
are my only company now
They are the only ones
that will walk this path with me

My tears, all I have for food
Woe and sorrow is my only song now
Has my faith slipped through the floor
What’s left of my life, shambles in a dry well

Oh God, when did my own strides
take precedent over your sovereignty
When did my sights flip the scales
When did I become more and you became less
This mess I made
is a product of self-reliance

As I try to stand on these trembling legs
I lean on you
You are the only constant
in this wavering world

You are the only hope that I have
in my darkest of days
You are my strength, my peace,
when I have none
You are the satisfaction, for my emptiness,
for this emptiness

Take away everything,
revive this contrite heart
When the wind blows dig your roots deep

Dig your roots deep
The light breeze
that once entertained these leaves
Are now vices gusting me into a heap

Now I know
I created an eclipse
All these days I’ve been so blind

Now I know
I cannot live with out the Son
My own desires blocking out the light

Now I know
The life I had planned is now gone
Nothing compares
your presence is worth more

Now I know
Strip it away, nothing compares
I’d lose it all to gain everything